Blood or Xue Building in Chinese Medicine

Blood is one of the most important substances in our body. It keeps all of the processes occurring within our bodies by the transport of gases, nutrients, hormones, and waste.Essentially, the nutrients from our food undergo chemical changes to make the red blood cells. Understanding some food groups we can incorporate into our diet is a great start to promoting good quality blood cell production.In Chinese Medicine, Qi is responsible for circulating the blood around the body. When there is blood deficiency, it is generally regarded as the inability of the spleen system to provide enough fuel from food to make blood (dynamic energy within the body). Promoting blood building will also help skin, complexion, hair, and overall glow of health.Foods that have a blood-building effect:
  • Foods that are red in nature, such as;
  • Liver is a great concentrated source of iron and vitamins A and B12. When eating, they benefit your own liver and have a warming effect on your bodies digestive system. However, when purchasing, carefully choose organic/hormone-free, as many animals are fed antibiotics. 
  • Grapes are a diuretic, hence eliminating the wastes from your body. They promote qi and blood.
  • Longan Fruits: Also benefit the TCM digestive systems, promote blood. They are also known to help with insomnia and heart palpitation.
  • Lotus Roots:  
  • Red meat: Beef benefits the digestive system. Lamb has a warming effect, along with promoting energy and blood.
  • Chicken: Also warming, and promotes blood.
  • Eel: Another warming meat. Also strengthen bones. Bone marrow (within bones) is where blood cells are made. 
  • Eggs are cooling, however, will promote blood and yin.
Along with blood building components mentioned above, to help promote blood circulation, refer to our foot bath information sheet. Modified Borsch Soup RecipeTo help with dizziness, tiredness, anemia, high blood pressure, constipation and scurvy, the consumption of this soup can help with the production of red blood cells, improve appetite, increase energy, increase essential vitamins, minerals and iron. 
  • Ingredients:
  • Tomato - 240g
  • Carrot - 240g
  • Potato - 160g
  • Spinach - 240g
  •  Lean Pork - 120g
  1. Cut tomato, carrot, potato and pork into small cubes and cook in a pot with adequate water (about 8 cups) for one hour and with about 2 cups of soup left.
  2.   Add coarsely chopped spinach and boil for a few more minutes.
  3.   Add seasoning to serve.
Chinese Red Date & Goji Berry Tea RecipeThis tea is beneficial for calming the mind, reducing stress, and blood support. Be aware that due to the dried fruit, this tea could exacerbate existing inflammation.One serving – 5 dried red dates and 5-10 dried goji berries to be boiled in 2 cups of water for 30 mins.If you are short on time, boil the tea for 5 mins, pour it in a sealed food jar, and leave on the bench overnight (at least 8 hours). Dang Gui Soup for Replenishing Blood RecipeWant to take the easy road - prepare this recipe in a slow cooker!One serving; 
  • 3-5 pieces of Dang Gui root, sliced (available from Chinese Grocers in dried form)
  • 1 chicken thigh, remove all visible fat and skin (wash, pat dry and chop into 2 pieces)
  • 2 large pieces dried red dates, stones removed
  • 1 bowl of boiling water (250 ml)
  1. Place Dang Gui slices and red dates in the inner ceramic pot.
  2. Place chicken pieces on top of the herbs.
  3. Pour over hot boiling water.
  4. Put on the glass lid of the slow cooker.
  5. Turn the setting to AUTO. Let this simmer for 4 hours at least.
  6. Before dishing up, add half a teaspoon of salt to taste.
The tonic must be drunk warm.